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tommydudeman, Apr 13, 12 3:07 PM.
The Order of Bane was created on April 12, 2012.

Its founding members include:


The Banite Sith (Order of Bane) was associated with the Dark Lord Darth Bane who created the "Rule of Two." Our intent when creating this guild was to create a comfortable atmosphere for players to enjoy SWTOR to the fullest extent by managing End Game PVE Operations and Organized Ranked PVP and by creating a unique guild ranking system associated with Darth Bane's idea of the "Rule of Two."


- Membership is only eligible to players who are above the age of 18.  

- Members must play Empire and have a character on The Fatman Server on SWTOR.


- Members are expected to be representatives of the guild, showing courteousness and consideration to all Empire Players both inside and outside of the guild.
- Members who are inactive for longer than twenty days WILL BE REMOVED.       

- Members are expected to participate in guild events and adhere to the listed rules and expectations.  

- Operation Runs will be scheduled under the Operation Calendar tab.  

- In most cases Those who sign-up first will gain Priority.

- Understand that composition and attendance both play important factors in who gets to go, so please be patient when applying for Operations runs.

-  Members are expected to be on 15 minutes before hand so that raid groups can be set up and the operation can be done in a timely fashion.

-  The most we expect to wait on a late Raider after the Operation's scheduled time is 10 Minutes.  After this time, the Operation Leader will move onto the next online member.

-  After the first no-show the member will be put on "probation" from raiding.  The second no-show will result in that player being left out of future raids at the officer's discretion.  The third no-show is automatic guild removal.

-  If you know you will not be available after signing up, please try and cancel your role and notify an Officer at least 24 hours in advance.

- Most importantly, be constructive and maintain professional attitudes and composure as you work together to tackle the games toughest content. 


The Order of Bane is dedicated to End-Game PVP and PVE content.  It is our goal to create a formidable, and fun, atmosphere for Imperial players of all types.  If you have friends, please refer them to an officer!  We will surely talk to them and make sure they undertand our expectations and regulations before they join.

Secondly we are all about having fun and mixing it up.  We feel it is the job of a guild to provide that extra layer of entertainment to an MMORPG such as star wars that can really bring the game to life.  Although we do not actively participate in RP, we would like to implement a unique ranking system to the guild.

The ranking system is as follows

Lowest Rank: Acolyte/Sentry - Given to new players and players who have not registered on the website

Membership Rank: Lord/ Soldier - Given to Active members who have currently registered on the website.

Officer Rank: Dark Council/ Elite Guard - Given to players who show outstanding participation and dedication to the guild.  Able to schedule events and promote/demote and recruit other players.

Mandalor:  Leader of the Soldier Ranks ( Sentry/ Soldier/ Elite Guard)  chosen after a free for all tournament which include Bounty Hunters and Imperial Agents.  The last man standing will be announced Mandalor, Head General to the Order.  Tournaments will be held once a month.

The Apprentice:  Right Hand of the Emperor, the Apprentice oversees the Dark Council and acts as a bridge between the officers and the Emperor.  At any point in time the Apprentice can challenge the Emperor for his position.  If the apprentice wins he becomes the emperor and the previous emperor moves down to the council.  If the Apprentice loses he is then removed from his rank and put back on the Dark council, either case A tournament for the new apprentice will be held and the winner will be chosen as the new Apprentice.

The Emperor:  Leader of The Order of Bane, the Emperor is the ruling individual.  The emperor must heed the word of his Council and Guard so that all parties are heard.  One time a month the emperor can be challenged for his title.  If he loses he is moved down to the council, if he is victorious than he must choose a new apprentice.

WELCOME TO THE ORDER OF BANE!                         
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